Why reusable?...That’s why!


According to a study by the German Federal Environment Agency (2016), 2.8 billion disposable cups are used every year.

When we evaluate the ten types of waste most frequently found on European beaches, disposable cups are among them
(Federal Environment Agency, 2020).

10 Minutes

Having been used once, the cup - together with the valuable raw materials it contains - is simply thrown away. That is crazy when we consider that a cup of this kind is used and produced to allow us to enjoy a ten-minute coffee break.

28.000.000 kg

This gives rise to a total of 28,000 tonnes of waste – corresponding to the volume of 8 million public litter bins (Federal Environment Agency, 2020). This is something we have to change.

And here’s how you can help...

With a reusable cup, you can request a fill-up in your own container in almost all cafes and restaurants. As a rule, you will be served very obligingly – and can help preserve the environment thanks to your own cup. 

You have a café or are working in the hospitality industry? Great. Employ reusable cups with a returnable deposit in your venue. This automatically makes you an “environmental multiplier” :-)

Encourage others to join in. Not by preaching to them, but by demonstrating with a chic reusable cup that style and environmental protection are a perfect match! That generates followers. 

WayCup - the perfect reusable cup

Reusable over 500 times

Of course the WayCup is 100% dishwasher safe. This has been tested in an independent laboratory. The WayCup consists of an extremely durable and sturdy blend of plastics and, as a result, has an above-average service life. It can be washed over 500 times.

Don't burn your fingers

Many cups require the heat protection cuff (where present) to be removed for machine washing. A wonderfully-practical solution has been found for the WayCup: The heat protection pads – we call them the Iso Grip– are permanently integrated into the cup so they cannot get lost, do not become dirty and are dishwasher safe. So you can grip the cup without being extra cautious even when the contents are hot. 

Sturdy material – food safe!

The material used is made of super-durable PP: While this is plastic, it is one which underlines the ecological responsibility due to its extremely long service life. Which is why, even after a brief period of use, this reusable cup has a significantly better ecological footprint than disposable cups. Of course the WayCup has been tested for food safety according to the latest guidelines in an independent laboratory. 

Ecological benefit after just around 25 cycles

"When these cups average more than 25 cycles, they are doing significantly better than disposable cups. If the cup is washed using green energy, it just takes 10 cycles – and the multi-cycle system easily achieve this.“

Federal Environment Agency, 2020

The lid is always a tight fit. We promise!

The lid of the WayCup is always a tight fit. Once it has been pressed on, you can easily grip the WayCup by the lid and transport it like that. The lid does not come off by accident – which frequently happens with disposable cups. And that’s a good feeling. 

Clever shape – for clever noses

The lid is shaped like a wave. This makes the cup a real eye-catcher but also offers practical advantages. The curved shape means that you don’t brush your nose against the lid so easily. 

And here are the advantages in a nutshell:

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Helios has dedicated itself to protecting the environment and promoting regenerative measures. For this reason, we have been supporters of the "Plant-for-the-Planet" initiative for some time now. 

This action alliance aims to train children as environmental ambassadors and to actively contribute to the reforestation of our environment. We find that good. 

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